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Baby colic or baby cramps are one of the most annoying things, to be powerless to help your child. They start around baby 6 week of age and can last up to 6 months of age. Crying for more then 3 hours a day, for more then 3 days a week, for more then 3 weeks. Here are 6 tips to help you with baby colic.

1. Wrap the baby in the blanket

When your baby is crying nervously because of cramps that annoy her, she reacts to every stimulation. But some stimulations are helpful and some will irritate her even more.

You can calm your baby if you wrap her up in the blanket. In that way, you will prevent your baby to nervously writhe her arms and legs. Carry her around the room, gently swing her and talk/sing quietly and peacefully until she calms down.

2. Swing her

Most babies positively react to movement and swinging. Most probably your baby will enjoy feeling your heart rhythm while you carry her around. Also, swing that is customized for babies can be useful. Comfortable and safe swing (with safety belt) will most probably help her to calm down and relax.

3. Put your baby near constant noise

While they are in the womb, babies hear the sound of fluid that moves around them. Because of that, your baby may feel comfortable to listen to constant sound or noise which reminds them to insouciance while they were in their mom’s stomach.

There are many products that can reproduce that sound, but parents usually advise that most helpful are the home appliance, like dishwasher or dryer, vacuum cleaner etc. Also, you can play some sounds of waves or other calming sounds.

4. Pay attention to how you are feeding your baby

If you are breastfeeding in the upright position, you will help her with digestion and she will swallow less air while you are feeding her. There are some beliefs in Mexico, country where there is tradition to feed baby in upright position, babies less often suffer from cramps then babies in countries where a usual way of feeding your baby is in the horizontal position.

Also, if you are not breastfeeding your baby and you are feeding her with a bottle, always use a small bottle that should be filled to the top, because there would be much less air then in half-empty bottles.

5. Massage her or scratch her back

Gentle massage or gentle scratching on the baby back can calm her down.

Because cramps most usually begin late afternoon or at night (most often at the same time), try to prevent them with a gentle massage. Besides that, it’s very important that baby feels that you are calm because she can easily feel when you are nervous or tense.

6. Keep in mind how are you feeding yourself

In some cases, the cause of the baby cramps can be food that you are consuming, and which can trigger crimps. While you breastfeed your baby try to avoid some groceries that causes bloating. Read more about breastfeeding diet plan.

Even though baby colic or baby cramps are very annoying and stressful just have in mind that luckily they don’t last forever. Don’t be frustrated, be there for your child, baby only have you and you need to be strong for your baby.

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