holiday activities

Holiday season is one of the best time in the year and here is some holiday activities that you don’t want to miss.

Make a plan for holiday activities

Devote yourself to the baby and together enjoy playing, cuddling, resting, reading and family and friends visits.

Certainly, holidays will change your daily activity schedule, but don’t forget that baby needs to have its own routine. When she’s eating, sleep, bath needs to be around the same time every day.

Decorate your house

Decorate your home few days before holidays, because your baby, no matter how old is she, will enjoy Christmas tree colorful decoration and lights. Try to make your baby feel holiday spirit through its senses.

Play holiday song to her, let her touch decoration, but take care she doesn’t take anything fragile or dangerous and she will definitely enjoy looking at Christmas tree lights.

Be sure to record these moments

Don’t forget to record these moments, especially if it’s your first holidays with a new family member. Take pictures and videos of interesting moments, meeting with Santa, decorating a Christmas tree, unwrapping gifts, New Year’s Eve, and later you can all together enjoy watching those pictures, which can become your family tradition.

Mask into Santa

No matter what age your baby is, don’t take away a meeting with likable Santa from her. It would be great that somebody with joyful face pretends to be Santa because there is a possibility that your baby will be scared of someone unknown in Santa costume.

For older kids, the story about Santa is more and more interesting. Tell them interesting stories about New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Santa, which they will surely enjoy.

Make a party for your kids

Parents usually think that they will never again be able to celebrate New Year like before and that they will need to get to bed early in the evening because of the baby. That doesn’t need to be true, but the fact is that you will need to adapt to the situation. It will be good to call your friends which also have small kids to organize together a party for your little ones. Make a party day before New Year’s Eve, together decorate house where little ones will be, make a menu that is appropriate for kids, and enjoy your fake New Years Eve?

Be sure to spend time with your little ones, soon enough they will grow up… In the blink of an eye

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