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My newborn looks like an alien, will it stay like that?

When somebody says „baby“ you immediately think of chubby baby with silk hair from diaper commercial. And that small thing you saw in hospital doesn’t look like that.

Your baby with big head, crumpled face and big eyes, with short feet and wide body looks like Steven Spielberg’s E.T. . That’s all normal, don’t worry, in couple of weeks, your baby will look like it’s from planet Earth.

My baby have giant head, is it normal?

Yes. Newborn’s head is 1/4 of whole body length. Some babies are born with elongated head because their head was too long in birth canal. If canal is to tight, head can be deformed and to look like baby is wearing Smurfs hat. Sometimes baby can have bruises on head which are consequence of difficult
labor. All this changes will go away in couple of days.

Are red marks on body normal?

Newborns skin is very thin and it has white-rose color because of blood vessels which are right below it. When baby get warm, blood vessels is getting wide, and they are easily visible (like red marks) because skin is thin.

After I gave birth, they gave me baby in arms and I notices it looks like it have some cream all over body, what is that?

It’s waxy or cheese-like white substance (vernix caseosa) which protects baby skin while it’s in uterus, while its swim in amniotic fluid. If your baby have this substance, it means that baby got to this world on time.

My baby is born with long hair all over its body, are they gonna fall off?

Downy hair on the body of a fetus or newborn baby. Lanugo is the first hair to be produced by the fetal hair follicles, and it usually appears on the fetus at about 5 months of gestation. Lanugo is very fine, soft, and usually unpigmented. Although lanugo is normally shed before birth, around 7 or 8 months of gestation, it is sometimes present at birth. This is not a cause for concern: Lanugo disappears of its own accord within a few days or weeks

My newborn baby girl has a vaginal discharge?

While in the womb, babies are exposed to mom’s estrogen as it passes through the placenta into the baby’s bloodstream. However, after the baby is born, she is no longer exposed to these hormones, so her little body goes through withdrawal. You may notice that the vaginal area is swollen right after birth, and she may even have whitish discharge in the vaginal area, called physiologic leukorrhea. You may also notice a little vaginal bleeding in the diaper due to the estrogen withdrawal. No need to worry, these changes should go away by the time your little one is a couple of months old.

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