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What are the benefits of exercising in pregnancy?

Listen to your body – it’s important to feel good!
Being in good condition is one of the prerequisites for uncomplicated pregnancy and easier labor. In addition, the reasons for exercising in pregnancy: improved cardio-vascular system work, reduced overweight, better keeping and mood, easier labor, faster recovery and better general condition. Exercise is not only harmful but can even prevent possible complications, such as increased pressure that can lead to preeclampsia. Exercise during pregnancy can prevent some of the injuries and pain associated with weight gain and change in the way of walking.

And again that same advice – listen to your body – pregnancy is not a state of life when you need to become an Olympic champion and suddenly change all your habits. It is important that you feel well and that you do not stretch too much.

How can I exercise safely in pregnancy?

Here are some of the basic tips for comfortable and safe exercise in pregnancy:

1. Put on comfortable training clothes and a good, solid bra.

2. Select the sneakers that are made for the type of exercise you are planning.

3. Always practice on a flat surface, do not forget that during pregnancy your balance is not in the best condition.

4. Eat enough, but always at least one hour before exercise, so that you do not have any pain. It would be ideal to make it a lighter meal.

5. Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise, because if you do not get enough fluids you can dehydrate, which can trigger contractions. Usually it is advised to drink two glasses of water about two hours before exercising, and during drill, drink a few sips every 15 minutes.

6. The exercise room should be comfortable and ventilated.

7. After exercising on the floor step up gradually to avoid pain and not to lose balance. If you experience dizziness or nausea during exercise on the floor, lie on the left side and stay on until it passes.

8. Do not exaggerate with practice – the tempo should be such that you can talk and do not lose breath, and sweat very little.

9. Do not stretch too much while exercising – while you are pregnant, you are much more elastic than out of pregnancy, because of the relaxation, the hormone that illuminates during pregnancy, so you may not feel that you are stretching more than usual.

In which cases should I consult a doctor?

If you plan to practice, be sure to consult your doctor. However, there are some conditions in pregnancy when the doctor will consider carefully whether to allow you to practice or recommend what exercises to practice. These conditions are: previous abortions, twin pregnancy, if you have diabetes, either before pregnancy or developed during pregnancy; If there was bleeding during pregnancy, if your arms and legs are swollen, if the baby is lagging behind, if the throat was short or dilated during the previous or current pregnancy, if you had a sore throat in the previous pregnancy, or you have it in this pregnancy Pregnancy, if contractions occur, if it has been established that the placenta is low intake. You need to be careful if you have other conditions – chronic hypertension, active thyroid, heart, lung, or blood vessels diseases that can complicate pregnancy.

When do I stop practicing?

Stop practicing if:

– notice that the amniotic fluid flows out
– You start bleeding
– feel nausea, dizziness or breathlessness
– feel pain in the stomach or chest
– You get contractions
– You do not feel baby movements

Which activities or sports are not recommended?

– Avoid activities that are likely to fall (skiing, riding) and where there are major changes in pressure – diving, hiking;

– contact sports such as football, basketball or volleyball;

– activities that require jumping and running;

– do not do push-ups, do not force stomach muscles, avoid too much stretching and turning in the waist;

– Avoid exercises where you must lie on the right for more than three minutes;

– Exercise in warm and humid conditions;

Always warm up before exercising to prepare your muscles and joints for action. If you do not do this and start practicing immediately, you are at risk of getting hurt.

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