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I am working from home parent and everybody thinks that working from home is something great. Well, it is for me, but there are many things that people don’t understand. Here are some of those scenarios:

1. “You are always home and with your kids”

Well, yes. I’m always home with my kids, and working is in some cases almost impossible. Did you ever think how it is to be responsible for some big project where a small error can lead to disaster? You know how tense it can be? Now imagine all of that while your kid is running around the house, yelling, jumping, and trying to help you with your work by constantly stealing your wireless mouse.

2. “You don’t have to travel to work”

OK, this one is true. I’m not traveling to or from work. You know those feeling when you come home from work and kids runs to your hug because they missed you all day?

Well, I don’t. The most excitement I can get is when I go to the bathroom and my kid is yelling “Daddy!” from the other side of the door.

Also, I see colleagues only on Skype when there is a meeting., and there is a low chance of meeting somebody that can help you in your career because you are stuck at home.

3. “Watch the kids, I need to ________ ” (put whatever you want here)

Yes, it happens all the time, and even you now think “What’s wrong with that?”. Everyone that doesn’t work from home can’t know how it is. Let me explain you in your example. You are working, trying to calculate some numbers, papers all around you and you finally start to do your job after you find everything you need to do it. Now go away from your desk and run around your office for 20 minutes and after that go back to your desk. Will you immediately start working, or you will need to look all papers again like 20 minutes ago? Didn’t think so.

4. “Why do you need to rest? You are home all day sitting on your couch”

Yup, I don’t need a rest. I will play with kids before the job, while I’m on the job and after I finish my job. Why should I rest? At the same time, everybody thinks that I’m lazy because I’m sitting all the time and I’m in my house, movement 0. Shame on me.

Apparently, nobody thinks that working from home can be hard and stressful, like any other job, and that you don’t need to rest.

5. “I want daddy to put me to sleep”

One of the greatest feeling for me! But on Saturday and Sunday. You’ll do everything to make your kid happy, so will I, but I need to leave my job for 40-45 minutes to put my daughter to sleep. She doesn’t want to go to sleep while I’m in the other room working.

Working from home parent is a great thing, I’m really happy that I’m with my daughter all the time and that I didn’t miss her starts crawling, her first word and her first steps. It’s also very hard to concentrate on work when your daughter starts yelling “Daddy, daddy” posing like this:

working from home parent

It is very hard to combine work and family at the same time in the same room, but it is doable. Takes some time, but I managed to learn the best way to do it.

Now, my wife is pregnant again, so I’m guessing it will be twice as hard, or I will be working from the bathroom from now on…


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