11 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

Finally, tedious nausea and vomiting are gone, but some scents can now bother your sense of smell. In multiple pregnancies, this may last longer and be more expressed. Be patient, because these symptoms are temporary.

Baby development

The development of all main organs slowly ends in this week. You can relax – the period in which the child is susceptible and in which severe anomalies can develop is finally passing. Your baby enters a time of rapid changes, and in a couple of weeks, its length will double!

Ovaries and testicles are now formed, and external organs are fully developed. However, it ‘s hard to determine with certainty whether the baby is a girl or a boy, even on the high-quality ultrasounds.

The head is still disproportionately large – roughly one-half of the body. Eyes are still closed, covered with the eyelids. In this or the next week, blood will begin to circulate between the baby and the uterus and the placenta will start to perform its function of nutrition through the mother’s blood. The length of the baby from the tip of the head to the end of the spine is about 2 inches and it weights is 0.022 pounds.

At the doctor’s

If you have not been to a gynecologist, do not postpone it. In this period, between the 11th and the 13th week, the first ultrasound examination should be done. By measuring the thickness of the baby’s neck, with information about your age, combined with the results of the “biochemical screening” in the first trimester (free beta HCG and PAPP-A), information about the risk of having a baby with a chromosome problem is obtained.

Measuring the thickness of the baby’s neck, combined with information about your age, and the results of the “biochemical screening” in the first trimester (free beta HCG and PAPP-A), will give you information about the risk of chromosomal disorders.

Tip for this week

Contemporary achievements have made it possible for you not to wait for the 11th week for a biochemical screening to find out if your baby has a risk of a chromosomal disease.

The test performs like this: it extracts a baby’s DNA from your blood sample and counts its chromosomes. More advanced technology can detect abnormalities or the possible presence of syndromes as Down’s or Edward’s syndrome. Consequently, this a way to replace unpleasant tests such as amniocentesis or cordocentesis.

What else do you need to do in this week of pregnancy?

Talk to your doctor about whether you think you should continue to drink folic acid, which you started to drink before conceiving. You need to take 600 micrograms of this vitamin, and before the pregnancy, you have been taking just 400 micrograms.

Now it’s already sure that you will become a mother. Think about what kind of changes it will bring to your life. Are you ready to embrace this new life and be his loadstar? Motherhood is probably the hardest role in your life, but you will like yourself more while watching your face in your child’s eyes.

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