20 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

Do you feel discomfort in the navel area? It’s annoying, but it’s also quite normal, because, with the growth of the uterus, the navel becomes more sensitive and reaches the skin level.

Baby development

You have reached the halfway point of your pregnancy! Congratulations!
The baby now spends about the same time in sleep and in the waking state as it will spend when delivered. The rapid development of the brain begins at this moment and lasts until the fifth year of the child’s life.

The hair grows very quickly. Also, the baby is always moving, so the fact that you are not aware of it continuously does not mean that it is calm. It just does not have intense and frequent movements yet.

Hence, calm down and concentrate! You will be able to feel the baby only if you gently press your belly. It will cause powerful baby’s moves.

Vernix covers the baby from head to toe and will probably disappear completely until birth, especially if the baby is born on time. If the baby is born before the time, you will see it on its body. Please note that the baby, measured from head to toe, is now about 10 inches. It still weighs less than a pound.

At the doctor’s

It’s time to go to another ultrasound examination. At this check, the doctor will examine the baby from head to toe.

Tip for this week

If you have already felt a burnout, you can keep it under control by eating less and more often. If this unpleasant feeling bother’s you, then you should consult a doctor. He can help you prescribing the medicine against acid. You can buy this medicine without a prescription, but not without a physician’s advice!

If there is a course for mothers-to-be in your place, check when you need to sign up. These courses are an excellent way to get information about pregnancy, childbirth and baby care on time. You will meet other pregnant women there, who are at the same stage of gestation, and with whom you will be able to share useful advice. Data show that women who attended such courses had easier and less stressful labors.


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