21 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

So far, you should have gained between five and seven pounds, but you must continue to eat healthy and smart. You have probably noticed that you are emotionally more stable than at the beginning of pregnancy. That’s because the hormones reached their balance. It’s possible that sometimes your ankles and feet swell, especially if you’ve been standing a lot during the day. The swelling is from the excess fluid that collects in your tissues. This is a typical symptom of pregnancy. Drink plenty of fluids and prop up your feet whenever you can. After the delivery, the swelling will disappear.

Baby development

The length of the baby is about 10 inches, and it weighs almost a pound.

The “fast growth” phase slows down a bit. The heart gets stronger, and the legs get the after-birth proportions. The baby hearing is now even better developed so that the child can hear sounds from the outside. If it moves very powerful and you feel it, just say it something softly, and gently hold your stomach. The baby is already part of your family now, so let daddy-to-be get involved in your pregnancy. He should talk to baby, and cuddle your belly whenever he is around. Baby will get used to his voice, and soon he’ll become a member of your team.

Every woman who is nearing the end of her pregnancy needs her partner to be her rock and to be her support during the labor. Talk to expectant dad about his presence in the delivery room. His role can be crucial, giving encouragement and comfort to his wife.

At the doctor’s

If you notice that your legs are very swollen and that swelling does not decrease even after the rest, report it to your doctor immediately.

Tip for this week

Do not be surprised if your hair starts falling off after giving birth. This is because during pregnancy your hair does not fall due to high levels of the hormone. Consult a hairdresser about changing your shampoo or getting a new hairstyle!

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