22 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

In the second trimester, you might be more prone to the varicose veins because of the increased pressure on the veins in your legs. You can also notice spider-veins, particularly on your feet, ankles or the face. They don’t cause discomfort and usually disappear after the delivery.

Baby development

Baby’s skin thickens. It is still slim, but well developed. Now it looks like a tiny newborn. Eyelids and eyebrows are formed, and the brain continues to develop rapidly as like its pancreas. The length of the baby is about 12 inches, and it weighs near a pound.

Tip for this week

Avoid sitting or standing for a long time. When you sit, put something under your feet, and let your knees be above your hips.

Sex is a topic that many pregnant women mostly avoid to talk about to their partners. However, this is necessary, because their sexuality changes a lot during pregnancy.

In the first trimester, you usually have nausea, your breasts are sensitive, you’re tired, and you do not want to have sex at all. If you talk to your partner honestly, he will understand you, and he will not feel hurt.

In the second trimester, libido is increased. Because of the increased blood circulation through the vagina and clitoris, many women experience orgasm more quickly or experience it more often. The fear that you will hurt a baby during sex can be reasonable if you have some troubles during the gestation, but if not, you may continue to have sex until the delivery starts or your water breaks.

When you enter the third trimester, it will no longer be easy to have sex, because of the size of your belly and your weight. This is the right moment to come up with new sex positions, which can be very fun!

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