23 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

There are several changes you may experience at this point of your pregnancy. And although many of them are bothering, remember that most of them will disappear in a couple of months.
Some pregnant women report skin problems. They vary from glowing skin to the acne caused by the hormone imbalance. Try to wash your face twice a day with a gentle soap and put some coconut oil on before sleep and in the morning. You will notice the difference!

If you notice that your nipples are larger or darker as like your areolas, don’t worry. This is a classic symptom of pregnancy at this stage. Just wait! After the delivery, everything gets back to the routine.

Baby development

Baby’s body becomes more proportional to the head. The skin is now pink, but still transparent. If you carry a girl, egg cells are already formed in her ovaries, and the scrotum is well developed if it is a boy. The blood vessels in their lungs are preparing for breathing. The length of the baby is now about 11 inches, and it weighs over a pound.

At the doctor’s

Talk to your doctor about the symptoms of premature labor, to know what to do and how to react in different cases. Look for the help if you feel cramps that seem like menstrual (permanent or occasional), blunt back pain, or pelvic pressure. Pains in the lower part of the stomach or a change in the vaginal discharge is also a reason to call your doctor immediately.

Tip for this week

If you became impatient, slow down a bit. Try to imagine the moment you will see your child for the first time and everything else will become less important. Get rid of unnecessary obligations and enjoy your pregnancy – you will certainly reduce a risk of complications.

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