25 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

It is for sure that you are moving less gracefully than earlier. If you are still exercising, be sure not to overwork. Stop if you feel any discomfort – pain or dizziness.
Your hair will be more thicker and lustrous than ever. Enjoy this period because after the labor, it will fall off a lot, thanks to hormonal changes.

Pay attention to frequent urination if it is accompanied by problems such as pain, burning while urinating, or changed appearance of the urine. These can be signs of urinary infection. In order to avoid it, drink plenty of water, and keep your genital area clean.

If your doctor notices a deficit of an iron in your blood tests, you might need to take a supplement to prevent anemia.

Baby development

Baby’s wrinkled skin is getting smooth because of the fat tissue under it. It grows more hair and become very alike to the newborn. The length of the baby is about 13,5 inches and it weighs about 1.5 pounds.

Tip for this week

It is time to consider umbilical cord blood banking. 

Cord blood contains stem cells that can grow into different tissues and organs. These cells are already used to treat differnt kinds of diseases. This blood can be collected at the birth and stored for the future use. There are two different ways to store your baby’s cord blood – donate it to the public cord blood bank for anyone who needs it, or to pay to save it in the private cord blood bank for your family needs.



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