27 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

The third trimester is coming soon. Do you feel like you do not have enough air and you can not get up? This is because your womb is now close to your chest and it’s possible that your lungs can not fully spread. Do not worry, the baby does not feel the lack of the oxygen.

You may also feel leg cramps, especially at night. When it strikes, stretching the calf muscle should give you some relief. Walking or massaging a leg can also be useful.

Baby development

During this week, the baby’s brain continues its rapid development and lungs still maturate. The baby can now open the eyelids, sleep and wake up at the same intervals, and may also suck the thumb. Although the baby’s lungs have not developed enough, they could function with assistance if the baby was born before time.  The length of the baby is about 14 inches, and it weighs about two pounds.

Tip for this week

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, swallen blood vessels in the rectal area, you’ll need to change your lifestyle. Try to ease them by going to the toilet on a daily basis (do not hesitate to go to the bathroom, when you feel the urge), and by avoiding spicy food. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, high-fiber food, and drink plenty of water.


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