28 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

Welcome to the third trimester!

So far, you have gained about 20 pounds.

This is the period in which you can experience another phenomenon called “restless legs syndrome.” It is very unpleasant sensation during which you feel an irresistible urge to move your legs. You are relieved when moved, so don’t worry. It is just temporary.

Baby development

The baby has eyebrows and eyelashes; its hair continues to grow slowly, the eyelids are fully open, and the eyes are completely formed. Only the iris will be formed later. The surface of the brain is wrinkled which enlarges the number of cells. The brain now controls rhythmic breathing movements and body temperature. The baby’s body is slightly rounded, and her skin is less wrinkled, becoming smooth. Muscle tone increases and the lungs can make breathing movements. The bone marrow ultimately takes over the production of red blood cells.

The length of the baby is about 15 inches, and it weighs about 2.2 pounds.

At the doctor’s

You are visiting your doctor once in two weeks now, and from the 36th week to childbirth, the visits become more often – once a week. They still determine the height of your womb in every visit, control your weight, your blood pressure, and once a month you need to check your blood and urine samples. If he suspects any problems (preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, low placenta, or changes in the amount of amniotic water), your doctor will require more frequent controls.

Early in your pregnancy doctors will determine your blood type and the Rh factor. If you are Rh-negative and your partner is Rh positive, there is a possibility that the child is born as Rh positive; so you will need to be careful during the pregnancy and take some precautions because your blood is incompatible with your baby’s blood. It is not a problem if this is your first pregnancy, or if you have received an adequate protection after each previous delivery.

If you are Rh negative, your doctor may advise you in this period to take a shot of Rh immune globulin, a medicine that will prevent your baby’s sensitivity before birth. If the baby is Rh negative, this won’t be a problem.

Tip for this week

Start consulting your doctor about delivery. Ask for thorough explanation about what will happen there and how to act. If you are afraid of childbirth, talk to him about it. Get some literature, study this site thoroughly – especially the part about birth. If you have not enrolled in a pregnant school yet, consider this idea once more. You will get enough information there, meet other expectant ladies and hear about others having the same problems and symptoms as you do.

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