29 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

Some old symptoms like heartburn and constipation might come back to you. Progesterone relaxes smooth muscle tissue, including gastrointestinal system and slows down your digestion which indirectly causes these problems.

It is important that you are constantly aware of the movements of your baby – the number of movements is an indicator of the baby’s condition and if their rhythm suddenly changes, especially if you do not feel it or feel it less than earlier, ask for a doctor’s opinion.

Baby development

The baby now occupies most of the space in the womb. The doctor can see the baby that closes and opens the eyelids and has distinct eyebrows on the ultrasound. The child is trying to focus its eyes now. Fat tissue continues to accumulate beneath the skin – this is seen on ultrasound as “rounding up the scrotum.”

To meet your child’s nutritional demands, you’ll need to take in a ot of proteins, calcium, iron, and vitamins. It needs 250mg of calcium per day to build the skeleton properly. Be sure to eat enough broccoli, sesame, and milk products. The weight of the baby is slightly above two pounds, and the length is about 16 inches.

Tip for this week

It is possible that you already feel like you have been pregnant since ever. Do you have any problems that follow this period? Now you begin to feel on your skin all these symptoms your pregnant friends have talked about.

Maybe you should be more practical, instead of just making complaints. Many employers are required to allow to their full-time employees 12 weeks of unpaid family-leave after a child’s birth or adoption. Check about all your rights with your state’s labor department.

You will also be in the position to decide when is the right moment to stop working. Some women leave before the delivery, and the others start their maternity leave just after the birth of their child. Think about it and talk to your boss on time.

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