36 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

Baby is now a bit lower in your pelvis, preparing for the birth. It less presses the diaphragm less, so it is possible for you to breathe easier and the gastrointestinal problems are nearing the end. On the other hand, it squeezes your bladder more, so you’ll have to pee more often.

Baby development

Four weeks before birth, the baby is almost completely ready for out womb life. If you give birth this week, your baby is considered early term. 39-40 weeks is full term, and 41 weeks is a late term. This week, the subcutaneous fat tissue on the arms and legs increases, so babies get those sweet holes on their knees and their elbows, and wrinkles are formed on the neck and joints.

Your child is probably already head-down, and ready to come out!

In the baby’s intestines, a certain amount of meconium accumulates. It is the first baby’s stool to be released shortly after birth. The weight of the baby is about 6 pounds, and the length is about 19 inches

If the baby is born during this period, it is born prematurely and is likely to be placed in an intensive care facility, where it will receive special attention. There is an excellent chance that the baby will be all right and that she will leave home very soon afterward.

At the doctor’s

You’ll probably be seeing a doctor once a week. You probably gain between 26 and 30 pounds so far.

Tip for this week

Start to pack the bag you will take to the hospital. Make lists and consult with women who have recently given birth. Also, ask everything you’d like to know midwives from a course you have attended because it’s important to know what you will need. Do not carry a lot of things, but be careful not to forget anything!

If you attended a course, you probably learned to recognize signs of labor, but be sure to review them on time.

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