41 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

If you become anxious, try to meditate. If the mother becomes too nervous, it reflects the child. You need to stay calm and spread the happiness! By now you have probably done a dozen of ultrasound examination, but it is essential to continue doing everything that doctor suggests until the very end.

Baby development

The baby is no longer growing in the stomach. It is probably 20 inches long and weighs about 8 pounds by now. It is ready to go out, coming into the delivery canal. Because of its size, there is nowhere else to move, except “out.” When the due date passes, the amniotic fluid in which the baby has been spent nine months begins to leak, and the baby may start to suffer. In that case, you will be induced to give birth to the baby as soon as possible.

At the doctor’s

Your doctor will determine the method of the labor, and you will arrange together the pain management during the labor. Sometimes, if other methods don’t work, you’ll end up having a c-section.

Tip for this week

The bag for hospital is pretty dusty since now. Review everything you have packed weeks before. Maybe there is something you forgot to put in it. Relax and just wait. There is a beautiful surprise waiting for you!

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