6 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

Do you feel weird? One day you are in a good mood, and the other you are an entirely different person, feeling blue and depressed? Has your skin become dry? Don’t worry! It is just hormonal fluctuations that cause these changes! Find a way to enjoy your condition.

If you already haven’t done it at the very beginning, now is the time to stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs and smoking. Avoid any contact with chemicals, and take medicines only if necessary!

Having morning sickness is not the end of the world. 60-70% of women have experienced it as a symptom of early pregnancy. Do not despair because you will soon learn to tolerate it. However, it is important for women to distinguish between normal symptoms of vomiting and potentially dangerous conditions like hyperemesis gravidarum. That is a condition with profuse nausea and vomiting with potential weight loss and low blood pressure.

Baby development

Fascinating weeks for babies are coming! Its heart rate of 100-160 times a minute can be already seen on ultrasound examination! There are depressions, visible on the head, which will give rise to the ears, as well as the thickening, which will soon become eyes. The baby now has a body, a brain base, and four buds which will sprout to hands and feet. It begins to form a jaw, as well as a spine. Your baby is now lentil size, about 4 – 5 mm

At the doctor’s

Choose a doctor who will guide you throughout your pregnancy. At the first examination, your gynecologist will confirm your condition, looking your stomach with the ultrasound. After examining, you will make a pregnancy control plan and schedule the next appointment. Prepare any questions you may have for your doctor. It is best to resolve all dilemmas and fears as soon as possible, so you can relax and enjoy your condition.

Tip for this week

If you have confirmed your pregnancy with a home test purchased in a pharmacy, you should go to a doctor to confirm your findings.

Listen to your body and act according to your needs. If you wake up feeling tired – try to rest again. If you don’t want to announce the news until the risk of miscarriage passes, it’s your call. But, do not forget that friends and your closest relatives will be with you when you need them most.

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