8 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

Your uterus now has the size of an orange.

During this period you may experience skin problems, including the pimples. Do not worry; it’s because of hormones. These changes will disappear either after the first trimester when the hormones balance or after pregnancy. Your nipples will become slightly darker than usual. An increased vaginal secretion may occur, but if it does not bother you, don’t worry –   it is a normal symptom.

If you are expecting for two or more babies, you will probably notice that your stomach is already growing. The breasts are sensitive and heavy. You’ll have the impression that you are always tired, and the headaches will frequently bother you. Be patient, and let nature take its course!

Baby development

Your baby is changing day by day. The face slowly forms; the eyes are almost covered with the eyelids, and the lips are developed, too. The tip of the nose is also visible. The most important organs are already completely formed – heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, and intestines. You can hear your baby’s heart on the ultrasound, and it beats about two times faster than yours.

This little being can already open its mouth. Legs and arms now move and elongate. The doctor can already spot the first small movements of the head and the body.

Tip for this week

Eight weeks of pregnancy is the right time to start thinking about your first non-invasive prenatal test. There is a broad range of these tests on the market, and you should choose the one that suits you most. This accurate test will give you information on whether your baby develops properly, without the risk of chromosomal disorders, at the 10th week of pregnancy.

What else can you expect in the 8th week?

This is the perfect time to start using neutral, nutritious lotions, regularly, which will improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce tension in the breast area. If your skin problems are such that you can not fight them by yourself, seek the advice of a dermatologist! All these symptoms will pass in the second trimester, so be patient!

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