9 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your pregnancy

Yes, you are pregnant! But you don’t need to gain too much weight. You are allowed to eat meals about 300 to 800 calories richer than you consumed before conceiving. Morning nausea and vomiting are still there and can occur accompanied by heartburn and digestive problems.

Baby development

In this week your baby is slowly getting an outline of a human being. Its bones and cartilages begin to develop; arms and legs overgrow, and fingers rise on the feet and hands. At this point, hand fingers are bigger than feet fingers. Baby movements are more intensive and more frequent now. It has a size of a grape.

At the doctor’s

Be sure to discuss the problems that occur during your pregnancy with your doctor. Ask him what to pay attention to, and let him give you some advice. If you have not stopped smoking yet, it is always a good moment to quit. Passive smoking is equally bad for the baby as the active consuming of the cigarettes; so avoid smoky rooms!

Tip for this week

It is the right time to start connecting with your little one. When you feel most peaceful, lie down and rest your hands on your belly. Then you start thinking about the miracle that is happening inside you. Imagine your future life and try to figure out what kind of parent you’d like to be. It would be nice if you sing a song to your child or tell it a story. Your bonding starts right here and right now!


What else can you do in this week?

Start taking care of your weight, regularly measuring and recording progress. You should not get more than 25-30 pounds. It’s not even important how much you eat, but what you eat. If you eat nutritious foods in moderate amounts, you do well for yourself and the baby.

If you start gaining weight more than you should, but you eat quality meals, you will probably quickly lose weight after the labor. The problem is if you eat too many candies and the fast food. Be wise!

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