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There are only two certain ways to determine pregnancy – ultrasound and pregnancy tests. However, this list of early pregnancy signs might help you suspect that you are pregnant, even before you missed your period. It isn’t always easy to understand, but your last period counts as the first week of pregnancy.

Here is the list of signs we made for you:

  • Implantation spotting – Implantation takes place approximately a week after the ovulation and 6-12 days after the fertilization. It is defined as adhering of the fertilized egg to the lining of the uterus. When it happens, a small amount of blood releases which can confuse women into believing that they have a period. This symptom appears as a couple of red or brown blood drops. Although this kind of bleeding is much lighter than menstrual, you should see your doctor and determine the cause.


  • Implantation cramps – This kind of cramps occur 2-7 days before the period and are very similar to the menstrual cramps, but they are milder and last only 1-3 days. Some women don’t even experience this feeling, while others say that it is mostly bearable. Whatever intensity of these cramps you feel, it doesn’t mean that you are pregnant, but also it doesn’t mean that you are not.


  • Fatigue and tiredness – In the early pregnancy, the main amount of your daily energy is used to build the placenta, the new house for your baby during the next nine months. This might cause that you feel more sleepy than usual, or that you don’t feel fresh as earlier. If this condition continues, it would be best to ask your doctor for his opinion.


  • Nausea and vomiting – There is a believing that pregnancy nausea comes only in the morning. Still, this is a myth! You can feel sick during the whole day, even in the evening. 50-80% of women experience this symptom as one of the early pregnancy signs. It starts 4-8 weeks after the conception and lasts until the 16th week of pregnancy. Estrogen hormone is the main cause of this symptom. When its level increases, you might start to be more sensitive to smell. In addition, hCG and relaxed digestive muscles can be a trigger for this symptom. The most severe form of morning sickness is Hyperemesis gravidarum. It requires immediate medical treatment because it causes a weight loss, dehydration, and ketones in the urine. This is a life-threatening condition which lasts until the second trimester.


  • A missed menstrual period – The menstrual period in most of the women appears approximately on every 28 days. Amenorrhea is a medical term for the absence of menstrual period. Although you might think that this early pregnancy signs are enough to be sure that you are pregnant, you need to take a pregnancy test or to have an ultrasound examination to make this conclusion.


  • Mood swings – When you reach the fourth week of pregnancy, your hormonal balance will be changed a lot. Due to these changed levels of pregnancy hormones, you will experience moodiness, PMS-like. Nevertheless, you will step into the new chapter of your life very soon. Calm down a bit, give yourself some space, and enjoy these days!


  • Tender breasts – There are a few reasons for breast tenderness in the pregnancy. It usually appears due to high levels of progesterone hormone. The areola around the nipple becomes darker and nipples become tenderer. With this in mind, you should purchase a maternity bra and breast pads that fit into it to relieve this uncomfortable tenderness.


  • Cravings The hormonal changes are most dramatic during the first trimester. You might find yourself longing for certain food in the middle of the night. Moreover, there is a big chance to start avoiding some of them like coffee, or fried foods.


  • Dizziness In the early pregnancy, you might often feel dizzy. This happens due to low blood pressure or low sugar level.


  • Positive pregnancy tests – blood and urine tests – Whichever test you planned to have, you need to know right timing to obtain them. Only after the implantation, when the fertilized egg becomes connected to the mother’s bloodstream, these tests might show the right result. Moreover, the blood tests become positive earlier than urine tests. It is good to know what we measure in these body liquids. The level of hCG – Human Gonadotropin Hormone increases after the conception because placenta begins to produce it. Then, it enters the bloodstream, and only after 2-3 days, it can be detected in the urine.

The most of the early pregnancy signs become lighter in the second trimester. If they make your life uncomfortable and you need to soothe them, talk to your doctor. He will certainly be able to give you some answers and advice how to overcome them.

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