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There are a few achievements in the early childhood that are essential for the further development of every child. Learning to walk, a transition to solid food and mastering the potty are milestones that kids often find stumbling. Potty training is a very complex matter. It involves child’s maturity to express its needs, his readiness to learn, and the capability of controlling its bladder until THE moment. That is why if you start this training too early it will become disappointing for both you and your child. The crucial thing, therefore, is to listen to him and determine the adequate time for this to happen.

Decide if your child is ready for potty training

Most of the children become mentally and physically mature to use a potty between 18 and 24 months of age. There are some signs you should follow in order to determine when is the right potty-time.

  • Your child can walk steadily
  • His diaper is dry for two or more hours
  • Your child dislikes wearing a wet diaper
  • He gives you a sign when having bowel movement
  • Your child likes to be independent
  • He can tell you before he needs to go to the toilet

Here are some potty training tips to follow:

Get a potty chairIt is more convenient for children at the start to use potty that stands on the floor. They are closer to the ground and feel more stable. Do not insist that they sit on the potty placed on the top of the toilet if they are not ready. Otherwise, it will prolong this phase.

Put a potty in a place they like – If they refuse to use the bathroom, this magic place could be a playground corner where they feel safe.

Let them explore the potty – They have to be aware of the fact that this new thing is only theirs and that is especially purchased for them. If you have an older child it will be useful for your trainee to watch him using it. Eventually, he would ask to do it at the same time with an older brother or sister, and that is a really good start!

Put them on the potty with the clothes on, at first – Several times a day, let your child sit on the potty with the clothes on. He needs to get familiar with it first. Encourage him to sit on the potty after meals, because he will usually have an urge to empty his bowels then. It is enough to sit for a couple of minutes, even later when he takes his clothes off.

Appreciate every new goal – This is a really tough period for our children. They face new things and demands every day. This is why they need our support and encouragement at every step they take. Always remind them how much you love them, and that it is wonderful that they are making so much effort to succeed.

Let your child see you when you move the poo from the diaper to the potty – This is the way to show them where the poo belongs. Maybe they will catch the information you are sending to him and get the job done in the right place next time!

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