Monitor the signs – If you see your child, giving some signals of having to pee, ask him if he needs to go to the toilet. He doesn’t recognize his needs well at this age. Help him to get to know himself better and learn to understand his body’s functions.

Let him see you using the toilet – or use it at the same time in the same room. Watching the others will help him understand that going to the toilet is a custom thing.

Don’t let your child stay wet – Keeping him in a wet diaper will not help him to learn how to be good in potty training. It will only worsen everything. Do not punish them for being little.

Make a switch to underwear – When your kids become successful for a few days, let them wear underwear. They will probably like the new-look and be proud of themselves becoming big.

Let them wash hands after “getting the job done” – Even if they don’t do it at once, learn them to wash hands after every using the toilet. Therefore it will become their good habit.

It isn’t a great deal if they make an accident – Do not make a fuss about the eventual accident. Your children can feel frightened, and then start to refuse any further cooperation. Instead, praise them for their achievements, but do not scold them.

Establish a reward for a good work – You can make this a game. Give your child a reward for doing a good job. It can be anything that he likes. Moreover, it would be a good idea to use a potty chart, so he could put a sticker whenever he succeeds in his job. He would love your potty training!

Do the daytime potty training first – Leave the night training for afterward. Be sure that your child mastered the first part of the course. When you start taking the diaper off during the night, use the waterproof sheets, at the beginning. Otherwise, there will be plenty of unpleasant surprises.

Some children start to use the toilet at the very beginning. Make sure that they sit to poo every day because irregular bowel emptying can lead to constipation.

Nevertheless, if you notice that your child refuses to use the potty and that you can’t do anything about it, try again in a few weeks, not earlier. You can confuse them if you stop and start this training too often.

Your child might start wetting himself again, even if he started using the potty for some time. That can be emotionally related because of the big change, or it could mean he has a bladder infection. Hence, be understanding and encourage him to continue where he stopped. You should also consult your pediatrician on time about every issue you need.

When you start practicing using the potty it is very important to include your child’s caregivers in the project. They should follow your instructions to make the training work.


Patience is the key to success in potty training. Don’t hurry your children, because they can reject this innovation. If they are slow in your opinion, try to help them. Take a step back and start from the beginning. They will appreciate your effort and will be thankful for letting them grow at their own pace.



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